Pilots from all over the world are descending on Cherrueix to compete in the 2012 World Landsailing Championships to be raced in the Bay of Saint Michel in the heart of Bretagne, France. The event is due to "kick off" on the 8th of July and finish 15th.


Miniyachts are first of the ranks with their racing taking place from 8 July to 10 July. Britain's K11, Gareth Rowland, is already at Cherrueix and has been filing phone TXT reports. We will try and keep you all updated with the news, views, racing, pix and results as they come to hand.


First report in is from Gareth on Saturday 7th where he reports phones barely work and has been unable to secure an internet connection as yet.


Early evening he managed to send an email, which read:


"I was taken to see a experimental Class 2, first time with mast and sail on. Some Americans turned up as well.
Have attached a pix of the Class 2. The other pic was taken in the Isabella pub/café. The owner has made a candy landyacht model."


The experimental Class 2.

The Isabella's "candy" landyacht...


DAY ONE MINIs - RACEDAY Sunday July 8th

After the opening ceremony and with K11 in a buoyant mood one could be forgiven to assume the euphoric state would remain with Gareth but it wasn't too be... it was not a happy day's racing for K11... "soft mast, no pointing".


Our man himself, K11 Gareth Rowland bedecked in his British regalia at the opening ceremony.


No show without some Downunder types from the Antipodes... this pair representing Australia.

Then there's the wee fellas from the Emerald Isles...

And, of course, you can't forget Old Glory... Team USA


Then it's race time...

The day's "racetrack" with the multitude of fans corralled behind the barriers...





And, when it's all over, there's the post-racing camaraderie...


DAY TWO MINIs - RACEDAY Monday July 9th

Little wind today. Only one mini race 40 yachts, 2nd group was yellow flagged. All there was to do was wait, wait & go home. Evening meal in the tent.


Pix to come...



Pix to come...



Pix to come...

DAY TWO c2s etc - RACEDAY THURSDAY July 12th

10.30 briefing then sail 2 miles west to the sailing site. Light west wind. Class 3 was on first only having 2 races. They had to wait till 5 m/s to sail. We waited and waited. They finally competed in variable conditions. Then it was Standart. By now it was raining. Wet sticky beach, race was cancelled. They return to the line waiting in the rain, by now the beach starts to flood. Class 3 was sent home then Standart, a slow push downwind home. Class 2 was held on the beach till 4.30. Wet and cold we went to the line. Looking at a flooded beach, the briefing was if you don’t want to sail DON’T!! and if you cannot see when sailing DON’T. Your choice. The wind had the final answer. It was still raining at 11.30. Rumours are that the beach will not dry for two days. Strong winds and more rain forecast tomorrow!!!!!............!


We need a bigger tent at the west sailing zone!


DAY THREE c2s etc - RACEDAY FRIDAY July 13th

10.21AM: Car parks are mud baths. Beach looks very wet this morning. Having breakfast in village square. Looks like light wind with a sea breeze to tempt fate.


11:07PM: Typical Euros. Waiting in rain part in/part out of tent waiting to get moules and frites. Windy. Good music but a 10.30am start down the beach means up at 8.00am.



08:05 AM: 10mm of rain. Standart only have two races. Parakarters only one. Breakie in the town square again.


12:53PM: Standart had race 3. Class 3 now. Lots of wind. Too much for me with big sail!


DAY FIVE c2s etc - RACEDAY SUNDAY July 15th

08:55AM: Pulled yesterday's last race out of the bag. Fourth place! That has given me third overall going into the final day's racing today. At moment raining, no wind.


10:13AM: Last day today. Two races for c2s. Was 7th or 8th in first race. Have to catch  ferry from St Malo 10.30 tomorrow morning.