Here are some videos by K11

When the wheel fell of my class 2  in Le Touquet 6th June 2015, I took these two videos



The fifth round of the British Federation Land Sand Yacht Club Championships
hosted by the Lincolnshire Land Yacht Club, Lincolnshire, northeast England

THURSDAY, MAY 9 - 22:26:16
Been on the beach today, wind was15mph and by the time I had finished an hour later it was blowing 20mph. Did what I wanted to do and was packing up when the bomb disposal Landrover rolled up. Seems he had some red flags on the beach marking some old ordinance. Told him that we were running a regatta this weekend and that we use orange flags!!!! The reply was that "that's OK we don't work weekends" so if I see a red flag on the beach does that mean a hazard or is it boom? I did not sail as far as that but might keep it quiet so I can get rid of competitors by blowing them off the beach... literately! 

Couldn't provide pictures of the beach as it was misty and no good at all. The beach is in very good condition with the sand very high on the beach. Even the old wreck is not visible. (No doubt some bugger will find it with an axle). The banks and gullies are there but the water in them is shallow and the banks are hard. The height of the tide is increasing over the next few days so things can change. At present the holes etc are far and few. Wind forecast for the weekend is northwest on Saturday and more of a west on Sunday. Will have a final tinker tomorrow. Have to pick up the Ladies' Toilet (scorers' caravan) first thing in the morning. Need to look at the four battens on my yacht and tidy a few things up. With Kevin a.k.a. "HalfLife" around I will let him loose with the camera and send some pics up. 

Gareth K800

FRIDAY, MAY 10 - 17:58:40
The wind was blowing 8mph then it dropped to 5mph then bugger all. Forecast is now light winds all weekend. We can only hope for sea breezes. 

DCMB (Robert Coburn) rolled up at lunch time. Got him helping get the beer in at the Towbar (Holivans Caravan Park social rooms). Bugger me he laid claim to 11 gallons of Carling Black Label. I had to explain to him that was a bit weak for him and his lunch was in the caravan fridge in a round bottle with a crimped top (an bottle of Estonia high percentage beer). The 11 gallons was really meant for us lesser mortals!! 

Gareth K800
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Looking back the four miles along the featureless Mablethorpe Beach, its sparseness which can be really confusing.


A picture of a wreck that has been exposed up at Saltfleet Haven where the River Eau comes out to sea. The channel has moved 300 yards to the south exposing the wreck.


Robert "Don't Call Me Bob" Coburn with his "new-found friend", Miss Carling Black Label.



SATURDAY, MAY 11 - 16:49:52
Mablethorpe Beach is infamous for its tricky sailing over banks and large pools of water and this weekend's regatta is no different says Gareth Rowland and Chris Wright. 

Chris reports: "Racing today was fairly entertaining. The usual rough beach requiring compulsory snorkels. The beach has three banks with most sailing down on the No. 3 bank nearest the sea. Trouble is Len [Len Warren, the Sailing Master] puts the turning mark on Bank One. 

"You come flying down Bank No. 3 and think, must be near the mark by now and cross over the top, burst through all the loose sand to see what's on the other side and, 'Oh how inconvenient, 3ft of water!' and you get a refreshing bath on the way through." 

Weather was forecasted for 12mph winds from the north which, according to Gareth Rowland, eventually did happen but towards the end of the day. For much of the day the wind blew straight up the banks which made for plenty of tacking. 

Class 5 got in two races for the day with Class 3 managing only one. 

Class 5 - Race One: Dave Green, 1; Chris Wright, 2; Mark Lloyd, 3.
Class 5 - Race Two: Dave Green, 1; Chris Wright, 2; Ray Thompson, 3.
Class 3 - Race One: Steve Borrill, 1; Alan Scantlebury, 2; Gareth Rowland, 3.

And, yes, there's a story behind how DCM met with his new-found friend, Miss Carling Black Label and the tale, unbelievably involves a beer delivery driver falling through a cellar hole in the pavement outside the "Eagle" pub in Mablethorpe which in turn entails dubious goings-on from one of Gareth's friends, the wheelchair-bound Kevin, who incidentally, had to retire early from after-racing festivities tonight on the account of having what's commonly known as alcohol poisoning... too many "girlie drinks". All will be revealed soon.
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Class 3s getting underway in their only race of the day. And, no the Mablethorpe choo-choo wasn't Sailing Master Len Warren's starting vehicle!


Ade Warren in K12 using his sailing map to wend his way through the many Mablethorpe Beach traps and still hold Alan Scantlebury at bay.


There's a show-off in every crowd. One of the 5s doing wheelies out on Bank No. 3.


Ian Dibdin (front) and Si Holder (right) making a go of it but wait!... whose c5 submarine has just broached in the background? Why Brian Norman, of course!!



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